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Magento Hosting: The 10 Most Popular Providers Compared

If you want to set up your own shop, you have the choice between many systems. Magento advertises to be the most flexible solution for shops. Ten hosting provider for the shop system.

The most popular Magento hosters

Magento is one of the largest shop systems and very flexible – according to the Magento website, users of the system are, for example, Burger King and Coca Cola. Magento is not exactly the minimum requirements for the server. TheSystem-Requirements-Seite für Version 2.1 * states that updates of Magento apps and extensions may take up to two gigabytes of RAM. The requirements for the PHP memory limit are also high – empfohlen *two gigabytes are for installing and updating components from the Magento marketplace. However, this requirement is hardly met by any of the providers that list the memory limit.

Depending on the requirements, Magento can probably also be installed on weaker servers – we list those that meet the requirements of RAM. Unless otherwise stated, the servers are in Germany and the contract period is one month. The overview is based on a community survey in which 194 people participated.

Magento hosting at Mittwald

The winner of our community survey is the hoster Mittwald * , whose offer is directed only at commercial customers and where all prices are understood plus VAT. The cheapest package suitable for a Magento installation is the smallest virtual root server. This costs at three-month term 14.99 euros per month with a set-up fee of 9 euros. But you get 100 gigabyte SSD hard drive, two processor cores and four gigabytes of RAM. A domain is included. For administration, the Odin Plesk Panel 12 can be booked on an Ubuntu server.

The cheapest suitable package that you do not have to manage completely yourself is the smallest Managed vServer. The costs at one-year term 29.99 euros per month with a set-up fee of 29 euros. If you choose a month-long term, you pay € 39.99 per month. Here you get 150 gigabyte SSD disk, four processor cores, six gigabytes of RAM, SSH access, PHP 7, 50 MySQL databases and an inclusive domain – in all Managed packages is a free SSL certificate here. The daily backup is kept for two weeks and you can create 20 restore points.

SSD hard drive.An inclusive domain.A free SSL certificate in the managed rates.You can get Magento preinstalled.

Magento hosting at Hetzner

The cheapest package from Hetzner , which meets the Magento minimum requirements, is the vServer CX20 – which is available for 8,21 Euro per month without setup fee and minimum term. But you get two gigabytes of RAM, two vCPUs and 100 gigabyte SSD disk. Five terabytes of outgoing traffic are included and you can create two snapshots. The administration runs via Webmin or optionally Plesk Onys or Cpanel 58.

The smallest managed server costs 58.31 euros per month with the same price as a one-time setup fee. There are two vCores, eight gigabytes of RAM and 200 gigabytes of SSD. You have PHP 7, SSH access, MySQL, Apache as the web server, and ten terabytes of outgoing traffic. Also SSL encryption is included.

SSD hard drive.SSL encryption included.

Magento hosting at Maxcluster

With its offer, Maxcluster addresses itself only to “commercial enterprises, organizations and to the bearers of the municipalities of the public law”, the prices are exclusive of value added tax. Suitable for Magento are all packages of the provider, which specializes in e-commerce hosting. The smallest configuration of the “Web Cluster” you get for a maximum of 99 € per month – the billing of resources is done daily.

There is a CPU, two gigabytes of RAM, 25 gigabytes of SSD space, ten gigabytes of SSD RAM cached and five terabytes of traffic – these resources can be flexibly adapted. Daily backups will be suspended for up to two weeks. Services like Varnish, Elasticsearch and Redis can be activated at the push of a button without additional costs.

Specialized provider.SSD.Offers such as Redis, Elasticsearch or Varnish on board.Optionally, Nginx can also be used as a web server.

Magento hosting at 1 & 1

The largest webhosting package “Unlimited Pro” from 1 & 1 *  meets the minimum requirements of Magento. The package costs the first twelve months 9.99 euros per month, then 19.99 euros per month – the minimum term is one year and the device costs 8.90 euros. You get unlimited storage space, four domains plus an SSL certificate, two gigabytes of RAM and MySQL databases. There is SSH access and daily backup, with data stored for six days.

More power and flexibility through short-term resource customization can be found in the managed cloud hosting packages.

SSD.Four domains included.An SSL certificate included.

Magento hosting at Alfahosting

Alfahosting *  offers Magento packages, but the cheapest does not meet the minimum requirements for RAM. The second smallest package costs 24.99 euros for a two-year term – with the shortest possible term of four months 34.99 euros. There are 40 gigabyte SSD hard drive, four gigabytes of RAM, four CPU cores à 2.53 gigahertz, two domains and an SSL certificate.

With just one click you can install Magento in a “performance package” based on varish-caching. In this package you can encrypt your data via SCP – SSH and SFTP are only available from the next bigger package.

SSD.Two domains included.An SSL certificate for free.

Magento hosting at Strato

The cheapest Strato package *  with the minimum requirements is the smallest vServer. You get the twelve-month contract for eight euros per month (the first month for one euro) – without minimum term it costs ten euros per month. The server offers two CPU vCores, two gigabytes of RAM, 300 gigabytes of SSD storage, and an SSL certificate. PHP 7 is also included, and you can use 10 backup stands via “BackupControl”. For the configuration there are Plesk 12.5 and Plesk Onyx.

The cheapest managed server is available at one-year term for 14.50 euros in the first month and then 29 euros. At monthly term, it costs 32 euros – in both terms are still 29 euros set-up fee. For this, the server offers four CPU cores à 2.5 gigahertz, four gigabytes of RAM and two times 500 gigabyte hard disk.

SSD.A free SSL certificate.

Magento hosting at Host Europe

The cheapest package at Host Europe * with two gigabytes of RAM is the vServer “Starter” for € 9.99 per month. It offers two gigabytes of RAM with an option for four gigabytes for peak load, two vCores and 100 gigabytes of SSD. You can use Debian without Plesk, Ubuntu and CentOS with or without Plesk and Windows Server 2012. With the Linux servers you get access via SSH and a daily file backup is included.

The cheapest managed server package costs 19.99 euros per month and also offers two vCores, two gigabytes of RAM and 100 gigabyte hard drive. You have SSH access, PHP 7 and a memory limit of 256 megabytes. SSL certificates are bookable, but you can also use HTTPS via an SSL proxy. Magento is offered in the “Easy Application Manager”. The virtual and managed servers of Host Europe are located in France.

SSD.Servers are in France.

Magento hosting at Domainfactory

The smallest Manged server at Domainfactory *  costs 99.99 euros per month with a one-time setup fee of 49.99 euros. You get four CPU cores, 16 gigabytes of RAM and two 250 GB SSDs. There are five inclusive domains and one SSL certificate. Access to the server is possible via SSH and PHP 7 is on board.

For an additional charge as a server location Germany selectable, otherwise he is in France.

SSD.An SSL certificate included.Included domains.Server location Germany only for a surcharge.

Magento hosting at Rackspeed

Rackspeed * offers special Magento packages – prices are exclusive of VAT. The cheapest costs 9 euros per month with a one-year term or ten euros at three months duration. You’ll get ten gigabytes of SSD, an inclusive domain, free SSL certificates, PHP 7 and 1024 megabytes of memory limit. You have access to 24 hour, seven daily and four weekly snapshots.

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