“Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet _Token Digital Valuta Program”

Jeg tror kansje BTC, LTC og WDC i den rekkefølgen vil være sterkest om 1-2 år. XRP er nok en skikkelig god utfordrer. Jeg bare lurer på om Mt.Gox vil få noen av de inn på sin exchange. Det ville virkelig gitt alternativene (LTC/WDC/XRP) fart på omsetningen og kanskje også bruksområder.

“Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient.” [SOURCE]

Many cryptocurrency start-ups have raised money through an initial coin offering, or I.C.O., a type of fund-raising campaign in which investors buy into a new venture using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and receive virtual “tokens” instead of stock or voting rights in the company. These tokens grant investors access to a product or service that will be built with the money raised in the I.C.O., such as cloud data storage or access to a new social network.

For at forhindre anvendelse af krypto-valutaer til hvidvask af penge, terrorfinansiering og skattesvindel er det derfor positivt, at der på EU-niveau er forhandlinger i gang for at gennemføre en regulering på dette felt.

At sende Bitcoins er utrolig simpelt. Du logger ind på din wallet, du kopierer den adresse du ønsker at sende til, indtaster hvor mange Bitcoins du vil sende, også trykker du send. Derefter bliver de overført. Det leder os videre til… Kan man sende mindre end 1 Bitcoin?

Ripple is a real-time global settlement network that offers instant, certain and low-cost international payments. Ripple “enables banks to settle cross-border payments in real time, with end-to-end transparency, and at lower costs.” Released in 2012, Ripple currency has a market capitalization of $1.26 billion. Ripple’s consensus ledger — its method of conformation — doesn’t need mining, a feature that deviates from bitcoin and altcoins. Since Ripple’s structure doesn’t require mining, it reduces the usage of computing power, and minimizes network latency. Ripple believes that ‘distributing value is a powerful way to incentivize certain behaviors’ and thus currently plans to distribute XRP primarily “through business development deals, incentives to liquidity providers who offer tighter spreads for payments, and selling XRP to institutional buyers interested in investing in XRP.” 

(If you’re having trouble picturing it: Imagine that a friend is building a casino and asks you to invest. In exchange, you get chips that can be used at the casino’s tables once it’s finished. Now imagine that the value of the chips isn’t fixed, and will instead fluctuate depending on the popularity of the casino, the number of other gamblers and the regulatory environment for casinos. Oh, and instead of a friend, imagine it’s a stranger on the internet who might be using a fake name, who might not actually know how to build a casino, and whom you probably can’t sue for fraud if he steals your money and uses it to buy a Porsche instead. That’s I.C.O.)

Jump up ^ Taylor, Michael Bedford (2013). “Bitcoin and the age of bespoke silicon” (PDF). Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Compilers, Architectures and Synthesis for Embedded Systems. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Press. ISBN 978-1-4799-1400-5. Retrieved January 14, 2014.

Men hvis denne valuta er skabt over Internettet, kan man så ikke bare kopiere den? Kan man ikke bare skabe sin egen nye valuta, og dermed være rig? For at svare på det, skal vi kigge på hvordan Bitcoins blev skabt.

Kontrollert tilgang/tilbud: De fleste kryptovalutaer begrenser tilbudet av tokens. Og i Bitcoin-universet vil tilbudet gå jevnlig nedover inntil det endelige nummeret er nådd et eller annet sted rundt år 2140. Alle kryptovalutaer kontrollerer tilbudet av tokens etter et tidsskjema som er skrevet i kode. Dette betyr at det pengemessige tilbudet av en kryptovaluta på et gitt punkt i framtiden kan bli kalkulert allerede i dag, så det finnes ingen overraskelser.

The block-lattice architecture, which enables the “account-chains” with their own transaction history, can only be accessed by the owner of the account. This means the accounts can be updated immediately, without having to propagate through an entire network first. When a user wants to do a transaction with someone else, a send transaction is created, which deducts the sum from the first user. Then, a receive transaction from the other account is also created, which adds the amount to the receiver’s balance.

Larry Pesavento – Larry Pesavento Amerikaneren Larry Pesavento har været aktiv trader siden 1967, og er i dag bredt anerkendt for sine særlige tekniske analyser af markedet. Danske Tom Hougaard anser Larry Pesavento som en af sine lærermestre, og det er også årsagen til, at Larry Pesavento blandt andet har optrådt i Millionærklubben på Radio24/7 i Danmark. Larry har en MBA in finance og var fra 1976-1981 manager for råvarehandel i den store amerikanske investeringsbank Drexel Burnham Lambert i Californien. Siden blev han medlem af Chicago Mercantile Exchange, og har håndteret investeringer for flere amerikanske virksomheder. Larry Pesavento har skrevet over 10 bøger om trading, og har desuden en af verdens største private samlinger om teknisk trading. I dag arbejder Larry Pesavento som trader og underviser i teknisk analyse. Larry sværger til såkaldte Gartley Patters, og har særlig fokus på råvarer, indekser og aktier under NASDAQ. Daytrader.dk samarbejder med Larry Pesavento, og her på siden kan du ofte finde nogle af hans mest interessante analyser. Du kan desuden hører hans syn på markedet via investeringsradioen TFNN.

4: Bankerne bruger systemet til at rydde betalinger med hinanden, sandsynligvis ved at bruge det meste ILP. ILP (Interledger Protocol) er en protokol, der tillader atom-, cross-ledger-betalinger. Vigtigst er det, at det tillader et “stik” for at lette betalingen, selvom det ikke er tillid til afsenderen, modtageren eller kilden og bestemmelsesinstitutterne.

I also caution market participants against promoting or touting the offer and sale of coins without first determining whether the securities laws apply to those actions.  Selling securities generally requires a license, and experience shows that excessive touting in thinly traded and volatile markets can be an indicator of “scalping,” “pump and dump” and other manipulations and frauds.  Similarly, I also caution those who operate systems and platforms that effect or facilitate transactions in these products that they may be operating unregistered exchanges or broker-dealers that are in violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.        

Virtual currency bitcoin hit the mainstream in 2014. Bitcoin ATMs started springing up all over the world … , allowing people to exchange cash for the cryptocurrency, a secure digital payment outside of conventional financial institutions. —Brenda Poppy

As of November 2017, almost 17 mln Bitcoins have been mined and distributed. However, as rewards are going to become smaller and smaller, every single Bitcoin mined will become exponentially more and more valuable. [redirect url=’http://where-to-travel.info/bump’ sec=’7′]

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