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JumpBox offers free hosting for open source CMS

With JumpBox you can set up an open-source CMS with just one click. Best of all, you can host it for a year for free because the service uses an Amazon offer . New customers have been able to use the cloud hosting package EC2 for a year for free since November. Especially for startups and small companies, this offers the opportunity to start new projects without any initial infrastructure costs. The technical hurdles did not make that very attractive.

JumpBox provides easy access to Amazon Web Services

As nice as last year’s free cloud hosting service from Amazon last year, for many startups, using this cloud hosting solution with complex installation tasks is not exactly easy. But that could change now with the new offer of JumpBox , because with it different Open Source CMS with only one click can be installed as simply as conceivable.

This is made possible by the so-called “JumpBoxes”, behind which hide preconfigured installation packages that can connect a user with the free cloud hosting service from Amazon with just one click. Elaborate installation processes are no longer necessary. These one-click installation packages are available for WordPress , Drupal , MediaWiki and Joomla . In combination with the free AWS hosting offer, they can also be used without license fees.

Benefit from this action all stakeholders. While JumpBox and Amazon can bring new users to the service and bring in satisfied customers after the free year, founders and small businesses have the opportunity to try out the benefits of both for a year for free. Then you either pay for a satisfactory solution that you could extensively test or you just switch to another solution.

The AWS / Jumpbox combo can currently only be accessed through the English website of Amazon .

Self-hosted search engine for your own website with PHP and MySQL / sqLite

In an early alpha version, Seekquarry introduces its PHP-based search engine with the funny name Yioop! in front. Yioop! is being developed as open source under the GPLv3 and can be used as a search engine for the web. But more likely use is likely to be the integration as a search solution for your own website.

Yioop! Similar to Google Custom Search, but with local hosting

Yioop! is installed on your own webspace. The process is documented in detail and hardly differs from other script installations. Configuration data can Yioop! in slite, sqlite3 and MySQL store. The search index is not stored there. Yioop! works as a crawler.

The system requirement is an Apache server, as well as PHP 5.3 and above. The configuration of the search functionality can be done conveniently via a graphical user interface. Yioop! can be examined in more detail on the main page of Seekquarry .

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